where, DOC = Depth of Cut, F = Feed, CS = Cutting Speed, MMR = Metal Removal Rate Related Calculators Average Chip Thickness Chip Load per Tooth (CLPT) Corrosion Rate Cutting Feed Speed Cutting Speed Feed Per Revolution (FPR) Feed Per Tooth (FPT) Multiply the depth of cut by the width of cut and the feed rate to find cubic inches per minute of material removed. Inputs. }); MRR = Depth of Cut x Feed x Cutting Speed x 12 Metal Removal Rate: The speed, measured in cubic inches per minute, that stock is removed from the part being machined. MRR = Depth of Cut x Width of Cut x Feed Material removal rate formula for turning, D: Depth of cut, mm.F: Feed rate,mm/rev.S: Cutting speed, m/minMRR = D x F x S cc/min. c. feed rate (inches per minute) i.p.m. The MRR is a single number that enables you to do this. Metal removal rate Q [cm³/min] Material removal rate – Drilling. Equation for calculate metal removal rate is,. 1. Enhancing material removal rate (MRR) in abrasive jet machining (AJM) is one challenging task because of its dependency on many controllable and uncontrollable factors. window.jQuery || document.write('