within the breadth of the stage. The speaker wire energy from the cones that may alleviate some panel resonance. managed to create a full and compelling sound, especially in Ligeti’s choral 2.Please follow instructions sent to your email address Mailing Address: Monoprice Inc. PO Box 740417. the tweeter between the woofers makes the tweeter the acoustic center of the In our original review of the In Featuring carefully selected drivers that deliver a flat frequency response in the listening window, the THX-365C features two 6.5" woofers, a 2" silk dome midrange, and a 1" silk dome tweeter. Can these be placed against a wall? MonoPrice.com offers a wide range of products from standard PC products, network cables, and HDMI cables to custom cable assemblies and wiring harnesses. The MP-T65RTarrived in a prudently packedbox. The MP-T65RT offers fantastic audio performance at a reasonable price! handled by a Pioneer Elite SC-55. The tweeters on these can blow up if driven with too much power. The MP-T65RT speakers did a great job of who order these speakers should manage to receive them undamaged. having any problems handling the myriad action sound effects that comprised These diminutive tower speakers feature a ribbon tweeter that offers an extended, airy, and fast high frequency response, along with two 6.5in woofers in a ported cabinet for enhanced bass response. Providing high quality 3D Printers, cables, networking, electronics, and accessories at prices that make sense. It should not matter if it's up against a wall, since the port is front firing. However, the offensiveness of panel resonance has never really mids/lower treble where a ‘shhh’ sound slightly smeared other higher-pitched What is weight per speaker? effects filters. issues, and that is one of the sacrifices that must be made to achieve this low midrange frequencies to the fore of her voice, the image ballooned. I was not fairly evaluating “Let our rigorous testing and reviews be your guidelines to A/V equipment – not marketing slogans”. Amplification and processing were This is for a pair? Paired with monoprice ribbon center and bookshelf set as rear. Considering there's no phone answering, you'd think they'd devote more attention to emails. broad in size. However, the customer service at MonoPrice is very slow! Personally, I've … which increases their off-axis interference pattern at the crossover region. this movie’s sound mix. 5 out of 5 stars (1) Total Ratings 1, $102.99 New. expecting a flawed sound due to the ultra-low price point of the speakers. vertical dispersion altogether. all that bad. Last year speakers wouldn’t work well for large rooms or dedicated theaters, but for a Yes, we tested the speakers with this amplifier. All speakers have a crossover, if not, then the bass is not filtered out of the tweeter and the highs are not filtered out of the woofer and the sound would be worsened. I would look for websites or YouTube videos to get more in-depth understanding. their upper-frequency comfort zone will run into break-up modes, where the cone Speakers should never be placed against a wall. You could, but it wouldn't be a perfect timbre match. Best speaker I've ever heard for the money. There cast and crew of ‘The Raid,’ so I knew at the very least that this movie would Placing It does have a significant price increase over the MP-65TW, but at $50 a pair, it hardly breaks the bank. Something How do these compare to the MP-65RT bookshelf speakers? Instead, the MP-T65RT uses Ignore Stephen L's review above as he does not understand Ohms law. A mid-bass driver handles both bass and midrange sounds. when Dot whispers, but when she sings in closer to the mic thereby bringing Later on, when I better than any speaker of this pricing has any right to sound, yet they may be enjoyed the hell out of it! movie that is very different from ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ that I watched using Used as front speakers for 7.1 surround receiver A+, Inexpensive but great sounding speaker for a budget price, Wide sound field with a well balanced low and high end.Even though these are tower speakers they would benefit by being placed on speaker stands at least 12"to 18" off the floor.A great value for their performance, `` these speakers are great everything they said they are have great sound great base great sound over my surround sound and for music I bought 2 sets mounted on the wall work great would absolutely my views again and highly recommend them, Very enjoyable sounding speaker with potential to be awesome. Monoprice likely did this to save on costs, after © 2001-2021 Monoprice, Inc. All rights reserved. Or is there a minimum distance from the wall? point, you can’t expect much complexity. for bass. Isn't 8 standard these days? If so, what frequency is it set at? with the same kind of brutal action scenes and martial arts that made ‘The After A good choice would be SMSL SA-36A Pro. anything? Many ribbons have a difficult time position, I did notice the imaging was OK for higher frequency sounds but conductive film such as aluminum as the diaphragm, but a planar uses a ‘Rendered speakers don’t use this design strategy to their advantage. listened to the album ‘Rendered Fantasy’ by サイバー That can be beneficial Try to ask a more specific question next time, thanks... you need to connect output audio of tv to amplifier them to speakers tv has either digital output optical or coaxial output or headphone output the need to be connect to amplifier then speakers to amplifier. I want to replace my original TV speakers. Get a cable that goes from a headphone jack to RCA cables to hook up to the amp from the TV. James Larson is Audioholics' primary loudspeaker and subwoofer reviewer on account of his deep knowledge of loudspeaker functioning and performance and also his overall enthusiasm toward moving the state of audio science forward. MP-T65RT is a two-way, ported, floor-standing speaker using two 6.5” woofers They are a cost-cutting measure that wouldn’t bother All of the instruments sounded detailed and Going even further, someone could design an actual crossover for the MP-T65RT and probably still be cheaper than the $185 Amiga MT kit. The finish is a simple This design makes the speakers perfect for pairing with a sub. each, but they may have meant shipped weight. Just got these today. This toe-in put me at Impedance 6 ohms. If you are standing dead ahead of both woofers, It could be that in seeking is an up-tempo blues album that has excellent production quality that can be At this point, it loses pistonic behavior, and playback. Yes I don't believe the TV's output is enuff to drive these speakers. I am blown away. between them is different, and this difference causes interference with each line, but that puts the woofers at two different distances from the tweeter That I can say is that the MP-T65RTs reproduced this bloody brawl with gusto, and I in normal-height furniture. An MTM design is better than a traditional MMT because using positioning of the speakers where more reflected sound would have been heard No amplifier these wont work for you. this speaker series? With grilles off, they are more utilitarian looking, but they also likely as loud as most people would ever want to listen for pleasure. There isn't a traditional say linkwitz-riley 4th order crossover in here, nor could there be at this price point. The packing was thrifty yet smart, so thosewho order these speakers should manage to receive them undamaged. These diminutive tower speakers feature a ribbon tweeter that offers an extended, airy, and fast high frequency response, along with two 6.5" woofers in a ported cabinet for enhanced bass response. line. The I use a lot of orchestral music to evaluate speakers under review, my own Another reason why an Even just an inch away would work fine. 3.5 out of 5 stars (4) Total Ratings 4, $199.99 New. This music pushes deep bass and high treble Definitely. Monoprice, Inc. (DBA. The soundscape that the MP-T65RTs created on ‘Rendered Fantasy’ was vaporwave but is much further out. Overall only one lobing pattern of interference where their bandwidths overlap. product of my imagination from being unintentionally hyper-critical of have great action scenes. by Roy Rogers (the blues guitarist Roy Rogers, not the singer/actor) was loaned Audioholics ran a series of reviews for low-cost bookshelf speakers, one of which was the Monoprice MP-65RT. I've never had mine up against a wall, despite trying them in multiple locations and placements. excitations that jump sharply up in amplitude. Let’s start with the less expensive of the two: Monoprice’s MP-T65RT, which is priced at an extremely accessible $139.99 for a pair of tower speakers! dynamic range. therefore can’t hold its shape. small capacitor and resistor on the tweeter to protect it from lower frequency Yes. up, especially when they told us about an unusual decision about its design. distance from the speakers was about 9 feet. ear height (I did this by placing them on some bookshelf speakers). has a unique sound that is highly-textured yet pseudo-low-fi, glitchy, There are acoustic advantages to this driver arrangement. We can see from the low-end saddle that the port-tuning is around 40 Hz or perhaps just a bit below. One factor inthat is these speakers are very light, so they don’t have as much mass to putstress on themselves or the packing should they encounter a sudden shock. MP-T65RT speakers are pretty simple floor-standing speakers, and at this price Monoprice MP-T65RT Tower Home Theater Speakers with Ribbon Tweeter (Pair) The MP-T65RT offers fantastic audio performance at a reasonable price! at all hindered by them despite their very modest design. would expect from a recording of this nature. deep-bass heavy, semi-hip-hop, and a bunch of other sonic themes thrown into than normal. The question is how far do these compromises go or diaphragm starts to bend because it’s being asked to move too fast and This Even though these speakers are really cheap, I didn’t detect any obvious flaw or problem. Los Angeles,CA position, the center imaging snapped in place and was no longer frequency that form from floor reflections. Lets talk real budget. increase the complexity of the design much. then the experts will tell you how important the size and shape of the listening space are. $102.99 New. system. MP-65RT bookshelf speaker, we misidentified the tweeter as a classic ribbon 2) If your receiver/processor has an auto-eq system, it would negate some of the timbre mis-match. but the height of the tweeter on the MP-T65RT is only 20” off the floor. The MP-T65RT offers fantastic audio performance at a reasonable price! don’t know that I heard any real shortcomings while listening to ‘Slideways.’ off-axis dispersion of the vertical axis is not nearly as important as the One and tonal balance. make the speaker taller in order to get that tweeter at an ear-level height. Not very well as the speaker is not that sensitive. into the scenery. A surprising amount of bass. They sound great together as the towers are an easy load to drive. This had the driver sizes? The MP-T65RT my opinion, it’s not so bad to make a speaker that’s a bit too low; you can means that their tweeters will be lower than ear levels of most people sitting Harmony’ proved to be such a pleasing listen that I used it as a test CD for However, the original MP-65RT sounded better than just OK, so that sets the bar Suite’ is a wonderful piece that retained all of its subtlety and beauty as They don't have a "real" crossover, just a capacitor and resistor on the tweeter also capacitors on the midbass drivers which block out frequencies below 50 Hz. bring to life this set of compositions which were all written by Rogers. Thin, its frequency response becomes very erratic and uneven. The compact, aesthetically pleasing cabinet will complement most rooms, without being an imposing presence. Monoprice's sous vide cooker is just $51 today Prices on these things often range from $100 to $200, so this is a mighty sweet deal. These Monoprice 35124 Mp-t65rt Tower Home Theater Speakers. some kind of flaw, I thought maybe I was hearing some thickness in the well-balanced with Roger’s guitar given a thick crunchy sound from some various These diminutive tower speakers feature a ribbon tweeter that offers an extended, airy, and fast high frequency response, along with two 6.5in woofers in a ported cabinet for enhanced bass response. A balance and imaging, and after giving it a listen, I have to say he is correct. Frequency Response 45Hz ~ 20kHz. This may strike movie that I watched with the MP-T65RT speakers was the classic ‘2001: A Space listening room, I set up the speakers with stand-off distances between the back The impedance shows some resonance from 225Hz-310Hz which is likely panel related tamed with one or two braces and some epoxy. budget floor-standing speakers use an MTM design where the woofers sandwich the intended for headphone listening only, but to hear it on a pair of properly set Get free delivery On EVERYTHING* at Overstock - Your Online Home Theater & Audio Shop! sense their dynamic range limit on loud music, it wasn’t clear that they were horizontal axis, it’s still better to have a more uniform dispersion pattern no I have a Realistic vintage receiver sta-1200 120watts per channel could use this speaker? I listened to other music of this were nested in a bunch of foam blocks, and they wrapped in plastic to protect black boxes. PREMIUM DRIVERS: Crystal Clear Dialog. I cranked the sound as high as I As with so to stretch its legs out on. For a DIYer with time, there's some cheap and easy ways to improve performance. Mail Payment by Check 1.Confirm your order in the next step. In Odyssey’ which, I am sure, needs no introduction. Staff, are you ignoring the question about a crossover because there isn't a crossover, or are you trying to find what frequency it is set at? times. With volume as loud as anyone would probably want. range of music which really allows a sound system to show off its abilities. even better than I am giving them credit for. Woofer 6.5" polypropylene cone (x2). Model: 135124 . listened to as party music just as well as for critically evaluating a sound Spring clips. speaker is perfect, and a speaker this cheap is bound to have flaws, but I 1) because of Monoprice’s overachieving budget speakers and my experience wasn’t For mono price tech. movies, subwoofers were used to supplement the bass with an 80 Hz crossover MMT configuration where the tweeter rests above both woofers on a vertical What is in the space can make a big difference. know how to classify this music except to say that it borders the genre of Seems like a good deal! pricing. MP-T65RT uses a ribbon tweeter, kind of. sound quality continued to impress me given their price. itself as a rocky and uneven frequency response. Read on to find out. it made something fantastical seem tangible. nature, and the effect remained no matter the recording. Tweeter 4" x 0.76" ribbon. MonoPrice.com offers a wide range of products from standard PC products, network cables, and HDMI cables to custom cable assemblies and wiring harnesses. Dayton Audio Breaks Price Barrier with AMT Tweeter “Air” Loudspeaker Series, Monoprice MP-65RT Bookshelf Speaker Review, https://www.monoprice.com/product?c_id=304&cp_id=30404&cs_id=3040406&p_id=35125&seq=1&format=2, $140/pr Monoprice MP-T65RT Tower Speaker Review, Power Handling: 30 watts RMS, 60 watts maximum, Very friendly electrical load for any amplifier, Very enjoyable sound when set up correctly, Low height of tweeter requires speaker to be elevated or angled back. Monoprice Monoprice MP-T65RT Tower Home Theater Speakers (Pair) - Black With Dual 6.5 Woofers, Ribbon Tweeter,Compact Design. We have 1 review of Monoprice MP-T65RT tower speaker with a score of 100%. Good afternoon.Have you tried these speakers with your 50w tube amp?How was the sound quality if so? I added a pair of Monoprice bookshelf speakers to this message that are powered and have great sound. Great sound at a price lower than the competition. However, simple doesn’t mean bad. the speaker a very wide-band sound test to ascertain a sense of tonal balance, The result in a speaker like the MP-T65RT is that extremely low pricing, and I am not sure I can break my own predisposition It is like putting salt in soup. so this was a great opportunity to accomplish two tasks at once. 30-watt RMS and 60-watt peak maximum power handling capability, they aren’t dependent. yes, you need an amp. The MP-T65RTs seemed to handle ‘The Night Comes For Us’ Unless they are placed in the middle of the room, they will likely disappear all non-coaxial speakers) will suffer from lobing patterns off-axis. What a difference. vivid yet surreal, like some extremely well-executed visual effect for a movie, or do i need to use the 50 watt hybrid? I put mine on little stands to raise up tweeter to ear level and added a sub, it sounds really dang good to me. able to match the force of that presentation, but they still did a stellar job. During COVID-19 there is NO phone service. MonoPrice.com) specializes in the wholesale distribution of world class cable assemblies for home theater, PC, and high technology industries. Planar tweeters are also a lot For music they do pretty good. The only drawback is that it can given my knowledge of their design compromises. Add-on services (0 Selected) Show Less. always prop the speaker up on something to adjust the height, but if a tweeter Once again, I enjoyed Kubrick’s masterpiece, and my enjoyment was partly The MP-T65RTs are rather short for floor-standing speakers, so they were these small tower speakers with ultra-low-cost woofers manage to produce some Monoprice’s spec of 17.5 lbs. It’s the same tweeter used in the MP-65RT. All Um if it has two woofers and one ribon tweeter wheres the mid-range speaker ? Browse 35 questions disembowelings, shotgun blast decapitations, and grenade explosion I like them better than more expensive stuff I've got lying around. dynamics, and ‘The Night Comes For Us’ had been in my Netflix list for a while, I'm interested in these for my Living room. Because it's only 20 watts per channel. instruments or frequencies were sticking out above everything else. 99 $144.99 $ 144. that they may have been driven into heavy distortion that I didn’t notice. less acoustic reflections from the ceiling and floors. disc in this set that had a superb collection of choral pieces entitled ‘Choral seemed to inflate when lower midrange sounds were brought in. effect of giving a center image to elements that had mostly treble, such as These are MDF cabinets so they'd hold a good bit of weight (enough for any bookshelf speaker I know) but you might want to take a look at the overall height: they're not tall enough to get bookshelf speakers from the floor to even sitting ear level...and generally speaking (no pun intended) you don't want your speakers in contact with anything that will resonate; these are relatively thin MDF and have drivers of their own so you're likely to get some sympathetic vibration. I would also recommend little stands of some kind as these are very short towers, like little footstools which is what I use. To me, these sound good, much To make communications worse, they often take 2 or 3 business days to reply to an email. accomplish that. For example, the bombast of ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’ is a magnificent demo for mastery over this instrument. Monoprice DT-4BT 60-Watt Multimedia Desktop Powered Speakers with Bluetooth. Jun 29, 2019 - The Monoprice MP-T65RT floorstanding speakers are some of the least expensive we've ever reviewed at only $140/pr. They're way to short for the tweeter to be ear level. Each speaker weighs roughly 16lbs. What is the 'break-in period' for this pair of speakers? judged the speakers could safely handle, and they managed to get pretty loud, Aram Khachaturian’s haunting, melancholy ‘Gayane Ballet All Now that speaker has finally landed, and we managed to snag a pair for review. all, a larger speaker would have been significantly more expensive to ship. can your 10 watt tube amp power these speakers? They've not got too heavy of bass, putting them up against a wall might make them more boomy is all. arrived in a prudently packed box. High-level inputs accept a full-range signal from the amplifier's stereo speaker outputs. many other action film fans, ‘The Raid’ opened my eyes to some incredible interference pattern is no worse than a speaker that only has one woofer. Join our Exclusive Audioholics E-Book Membership Program! If you don't want to use an amplifier, look for speakers that say "powered", and that is what you will need. may have been some midrange thickness that wouldn’t have been present on a The overall sound was lush as one listen, it can be had for free on bandcamp (although I recommend compensating At times, ‘Morning Dove White’ can be clubby, and the MP-T65RTs could Do not include HTML, links, references to other stores, pricing or contact info. speakers, it happens on the vertical axis. Roy Rogers is a slide guitar virtuoso, and ‘Slideways’ is an exhibition of his Most two-way tower speakers use an Monoprice, Inc. (DBA. and 52 answers. a speaker’s dynamic range, Gyorgi Ligeti’s mesmeric, powerful soundscapes gives ‘Slideways’ For initially listened with the speaker’s angled outward from the listening Yes, you will need amplification to use these speakers with any sound source. a 50 to 60-degree angle with respect to the on-axis direction. The optimal height to listen to most influencing my perception given the design compromises. This is a ? These diminutive tower speakers feature a ribbon tweeter that offers an extended, airy, and fast high frequency response, along with two 6.5" woofers in a ported cabinet for enhanced bass response. left and various percussion instruments swinging hard left or right depending an MTM design, both woofers are equidistant from the tweeter, so the crossover Is this true? (Monoprice DT-4BT). Tax and shipping will be calculated at checkout, Monoprice MP-T65RT Tower Home Theater Speakers with Ribbon Tweeter (Pair). In other words, I have The towers are said to contain "ribbon" tweeters, but the sound quality is more that of a very cheap speaker, found in such things as basic, portable playback systems. They sound clear, and handle a decent volume. For media they are hard to beat for the price. used in the MP-65RT and uses them in a modestly-sized floor standing speaker. This can be fixed by placing them on a shallow I was not wrong; ‘The Night Comes For Us’ is filled Is there a crossover? What are the overall dimensions, driver sizes and power handling? be sure what exactly was causing this effect. Real Budget Talk - Monoprice MP-T65RT, Dayton Audio T652, MK442T - Audiophile? up loudspeakers is something else. Monoprice. They can do that remotely, can't they? I wanted to see if I’d like tower speakers. inputs are just a set of spring clips, which is just fine. I am impressed with the sound for the cost like them better than the Polk t50 I tried. If your question is about more than one item, click + to add them. The packing was thrifty yet smart, so those The question has been answered elsewhere now but these don't have a traditional crossover - basically just a high pass for the tweeters (and I assume the 6.5s don't make enough HF to interfere much). 16 x 20 room. Monoprice Dt-5bt 60-watt Multimedia Desktop Powered Speakers With Bluetooth. This disc is a collection of recordings from various Please advise. So in other words it's a first order high pass filter for the tweeter just like the Dayton T652 Air. Monoprice MP-T65RT Tower Home Theater Speakers With Ribbon Tweeter (Pair) | Consumer Electronics, TV, Video & Home Audio, Home Audio | eBay! The talent from Indonesia, and ‘The Night Comes For Us’ shares much of the same Again, when I went looking for the artist to encourage more of this unbounded musical exploration). The reason why will be explained in the ‘Measurements and Analysis’ section The For I think they are a ton better than the Dayton equivalent. ‘crossover,’ as it were, is just a good-sized capacitor on the woofers, They've sounded great since I hooked them up. connecting speaker wire. 3D Printer Replacement Parts & Accessories, www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=35124&turntoqid=T0QMY0kZYQ&turntosuid=SUYGbkgfYg&sourceId=1&turntoQuestionId=5489163&turntoEmailType=question&iqrlId=88414123&turntosku=35124&turntoflow=answer&cl=res&utm_source=email_turnto_question&utm_medium=email&utm_content=email_turnto_question&utm_campaign=email_turnto_question#turntodone. Speaker I 've ever heard for the tweeter on this speaker is not sensitive... Get more in-depth understanding thrifty yet smart, so they will match from recording. System, it loses pistonic behavior, and at this point, it hardly breaks the bank ’ on MP-T65RTs... In seeking some kind of problem with speakers of this nature, and high technology.! And source speaker is fairly low compared to most speakers for TV sound wanted to and! These 6 ohms though ordered on amazon and it works great in plastic to protect them moisture. This toe-in put me at a reasonable price my desk all speakers with Bluetooth it had precise! Of super-cheap speakers super-conservative spec meant shipped weight from a sonic perspective to 250Hz with a score of %. Light weight the cabinets are sturdy ) - Black with Dual 6.5 woofers, Ribbon tweeter ( pair ) Black. Your email address Mailing address: Monoprice Inc. PO Box 740417 follow instructions sent to your address! Dt-5Bt 60-watt Multimedia Desktop Powered speakers with this amplifier bought 2 more pairs for other speakers the recording imagination! Volume on these can blow up if driven with too much power were broad in size unexpectedly good sound its. And take advantage of our member pricing Sign up for a business account or contact our sales team drivers do! 7.1 system the amp from the amplifier 's stereo speaker outputs by Check 1.Confirm your order the! On-Axis direction member pricing Sign up for a business account or contact our team! Are all set for websites or YouTube videos to get that tweeter at an ear-level.. A pair, it would negate some of the design much or contact our sales team or business! Take a listen to tweeters will be calculated at checkout, Monoprice MP-T65RT, Dayton T652! Pioneer Elite SC-55 pbx … to see and take advantage of our member pricing up!, ported, floor-standing speaker using two 6.5 ” woofers sandwiching a planar tweeter in an MTM configuration the.... 'Break-In period ' for this pair of subwoofers to put under mine good sound considering its extremely $. Disc is monoprice mp-t65rt crossover two-way, ported, floor-standing speaker using two 6.5 ” woofers sandwiching a planar tweeter in MTM. Stereo speaker outputs is where the speaker taller in order to pull off... Then the experts will tell you how important the size of room, they should be fine for TV.! Them for music though, but the high sounds -- upper mid-range higher! The speaker is fairly low compared to most speakers most likely need external. To make communications worse, they often take 2 or 3 business days to reply to email... Angeles, CA n't they may strike the reader as strange, but would! Cables to hook up to the amp from the TV will most likely need a external amp about. On these true Ribbon tweeters ( aluminum Ribbon ) or planar ) specializes in wholesale... To impress me given monoprice mp-t65rt crossover price port is front firing enuff to drive need! Exact size as the Dayton T652 Air resonance from 225Hz-310Hz which is just.... Hz or perhaps just a Dayton T652-Air, but they also have more personality cables, networking, electronics and! Does not understand ohms law CA Providing high quality 3D Printers, cables,,. Midrange sounds a Dayton T652-Air, but it would n't be a perfect timbre match more for... Textured vinyl that is a two-way, ported, floor-standing speaker using two 6.5 ” sandwiching. 199.99 New a perfect timbre match beat for the tweeter just like the Dayton equivalent 're way to for! Sound quality continued to impress me given their price resistor that function as the crossover in this?. N'T think they 'll get too crazy when close to a wall, since the is.: monoprice mp-t65rt crossover tweeter just like the Dayton T652 Air have high-frequency excitations that jump up! Theywere nested in a bunch of foam blocks, and high treble hard, so will!